Chicago-based artist focusing on heroes in African American culture


New York-based artist born in Nigeria focusing on women of color

Uzo Njoku

Massachussetts-based artist conveying strength and beauty through stylized portraits of Black men and women

Tafari Mills

Native New York illustrator widely inspired, from comic books and street art to surrealism and impressionism


Artist and architect from Maine expressing pride in the LGBTQ+ community

Sarah Pyne

Artist from Maryland largely focusing on the unifying effect of sports

Quinton Cole

Boston-based artist and educator designing intimate portraits of people of color

Liana Rae

Brooklyn native creating both realistic and abstract portraits of Black men and women

Deirdra Hazeley

Philly native with a unique aesthetic inspired by music, sports, and family

Oronde Kairi

Miami- and New York-based interdisciplinary artist and designer challenging societal ideals

Cornelius Tulloch

graphic designer from the Onondaga Nation focused on passing along vital teachings for future 7 generations

Ikerson Hopper

LA-based artist whose abstract cartoon-like work reminds us that we are different yet all the same

Jimmy Warhol

Philly-based oil canvas and mixed media painter uplifting the black community

Salaam Muhammad

LA-based artist using collage to reassemble black identity

Brandon Brewer

LA-based Afro-Dominican artist practicing highlights to challenge identity politics

Eilen Itzel Mena

Chicago-based painter and collage artist (Heather Polk) aiming to assuage suffering from chronic diseases through art

Art C.U.R.E.S All

ArtistsUntold founder sharing provoking thoughts

Jordan Abdur-Raoof

Clean and minimalistic designs created and curated by the ArtistsUntold team